Jurassic fireworks VIP Store

Cheyenne Wyoming opening June 1st!

Jurassic fireworks new building will be housing the VIP Store. This place is set up for Big Show Discounts!

All product prices in the VIP store will be reduced to the lowest prices available in Cheyenne Wyoming!

There is a $1,000.00 minimum to purchase in the VIP store! With Jurassic being a family business, our overhead is a lot less than our competitors. We buy direct from China and from the same factories using the same powder as our competitors.

With prices at an all time high due to the shortage from China, a 12% to 25% off your entire purchase will be a huge savings this year or any year! We don’t need your driver license, your DNA or your first born like other companies who create every gimmick possible.

To receive the Big show discount just simply show up at Jurassic’s new VIP store located at 209 I-25 service Rd Cheyenne Wyoming.

No one will beat our price!


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