Read Phantoms fireworks Gimmicks Below!

1. Phantoms Buy one get one free-
Phantom started this gimmick years ago by raising the price of one item to make up for the so called free item! “Basically doubling the price” Great for profits, but bad for consumers wanting selection.
(In order to compete with trick marketing, Jurassic now offers this gimmick but beats all phantom prices.)

2. Now Phantom offers Free fireworks with a Bonus chart.
(To compete with this Gimmick Jurassic made a bonus chart offering more value worth of free bonus value! Jurassic also let you pick out your bonus items not force you to take what we want to give you!)

3. Now Phantom Offers a premier membership, to qualify they want you to spend $400, this will allows you to buy item in their stores for 50% off but Not buy one get one free. Phantom, why not just sell all fireworks per piece instead of raising prices double for buy one get one free you offer! no more trick marketing or Gimmicks!

(F. Y.I, Jurassic will sell you any single item in the entire store for half the price with no so called membership or Ridiculous amount of $400 to do so!)

If Phantom creates it, Jurassic beats it!
We hate all the gimmicks but as long as Phantoms Marketing Gimmicks exist we will create the same offers but give you more money worth.

Jurassic fireworks believes fireworks companies should not raise the price of one item double and then offer the consumer buy one get one free.
Some places even go as far as buy one get three free! Just mark the real price of the single item and let the public get a bigger display of different items not the same one!

Jurassic fireworks purchases our product from the same factories in China, we use the same black powder and some of the same products just different labels!
The only difference is Jurassic Fireworks sells everything for less.

Avoid Phantom fireworks gift cards!

Phantom’s Gift cards are non refundable for a reason! Phantom traps the consumer with this gimmick knowing once the consumer arrives in Cheyenne Wyoming, Jurassic fireworks prices are a lot lower and their customers want to return fireworks and get out of gift cards!
Phantom, Stop trapping your customers and just lower your prices!!!!