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Black cat – same powder, why pay more?

Black cat fireworks prices can run 10% to 30% more then other brands. Black cat firework uses the same powder all brands do.

Paying more for a recognized logo is great if they had better powder! Avoid Black cat.
get more bang for the buck at Jurassicfireworks.com

Phantom – 

Avoiding this place will allow you to get more fireworks you actually pick out for your money!

Avoiding Phantom fireworks.

Their Express program forces you to spend $200 or more, then you get an item free or items. At Jurassic fireworks our prices are 10% to 25% less because we don’t charge more then offer you free items. You get to pick out on your dollar.

Phantom fireworks Premier membership.
Why sign up for a membership when you can get lower prices daily at jurassicfireworks.com

We don’t raise our prices to compensate for so called free fireworks.

Jurassic fireworks no extreme marketing on your dollar! Just lower prices, No gimmicks. Your money your choice!


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