Great Night Assortment

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Your fireworks celebration will really be a great night when you have the Great Night Extravaganza assortment. This large assortment includes everything you will need for a good time. From novelty items for the kids all the way to artillery shells for that big bang everyone loves, the Great Night Extravaganza will be a sure crowd pleaser.Great night includes the following 29 items:(1) 16 Shot Martins Bomber(1) 16 Shot Happy (1) 8 Shot Kaleidoscope(1) Desert At Night (1) Garden In Spring Fountains(1) Frisky Starburst(1) Reflection(1) Large Cuckoo Fountain(1) Jade Flower(1) Happiness Fountain(1) 3 Pack, Junior Cuckoo Novelties(6) Boxes of Pop-Pop Snap & Pops (2) Champagne Poppers(2) Boxes of Snakes (1) Tank with Report (1) Pistol Popper (1) Smoke Grenade (1) 6 pc. Ground Bloom Artillery Shell Kit(1) Artillery Shell Kits with Assorted Effects, 6 Single Break Ball Shells with 1 Tube for each Kit. (1) Single Shot Tube, Gold Willow.


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