Black Venom – 60G 5″ Canister Shells: 24 Effects


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Red and blue dahlia white strobe; Time rain willow white strobe; Navy blue lemon gold strobe; Red strobe willow green dahlia; Green strobe purple dahlia; Orange dahlia red strobe; White brocade crown; White brocade crown to purple; White brocade crown to blue,lemon and peach red pearls; Nishiki; Brocade crown red strobe core; Silver brocade crown green strobe; Red strobe willow blue pearls and green strobe; Silk brocade crown with purple pearls; Silver crown to red strobe; Brocade crown red strobe core; Green strobe horse tail; Gold willow green strobe core; Silver chry,. pearls; Purple and green pearls with red wintersweet; Colorful poney; Spider white strobe; Red and blue pearls time rain; Gold silk silver willow crackling.

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