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      Prices are unbeatable in the area. Service is outstanding. They are COLORADO owned Hell Yea! They even hooked me up ontop of the bogo and 25% all merch. I laughed when I saw people coming in from the other stores saying oh we should have came here first. Selection will grow as will the business at this rate! Parking lot and warehouse are all in great shape and worth the extra 200ft from phantom!


      Awesome staff, very helpful. And the prices are amazing!


      I really enjoyed the customer service and prices by far the best
      experience I have had buying fireworks. I used to go to phantom but by
      far you guys were better alll in all. I will definitely come back and
      pass on your cards that me and my husband took when we left.


      Friendly and good prices


      Great deals! BOGO!!


      Unbeatable prices. Helpful staff. Amazing selection. Got twice as many fireworks as we did last year at the surrounding stores for half the cost. Dont waste your time at the other stores.


      Nice folks with a fair selection and fair prices. Buy one get one free n everything plus 25% off, not bad. Didn’t bother checking the other stores cuz who has time for that. It’s the buy one get one free that gets you, you could walk out of there with a sizable amount of stuff for a pretty good deal. They are a smaller place so their selection isn’t huge but they do have just about something for everybody.


      Great was worth the hour drive. Buy one get one free on everything and Colorado ownership very nice.


      Easily the best prices/deals on the fireworks outlet, pretty good variety of fireworks and great staff. Definitely coming back here for whenever I buy fireworks


      Great prices & tons to choose from!! Definitely will go again.

      A Taste of Heat

      Warm up the crowd at your celebration with A Taste of Heat! Green, red and purple brocades followed by gold and silver glitter trails and strobes whistle through the sky, creating a display that viewers won’t forget. This item is sure to make your night hot!


      One of Americas Most Iconic Fireworks! The Sparkler provides fun for all friends and family. Provide a safe and easy to handle firework for almost anyone. Ranging in sizes from the big 20 inch sparklers, to the 10 inch and smaller 8 inch. ones.

      BIG 500G SHELLS

      Fountains, Shells, THE BIG STUFF! Kick off your 4th of July with a BANG!